Montage ripple button state indicator

The problem of not knowing which state the montage ripple button has already been brought up here but I think it’s worthwhile for it to have its own thread.

I use this button (in WL8 called “global auto-grouping”) continually all day, so it’s vital to know what state it’s in. We use it so often in my workplace that it’s often just referred to as “the button”. In WL8 its icon could be seen all the time, which was a huge improvement over WL6. A pop up window indicator would get really frustrating for me. My preference is for an icon or indicator visible in all windows. An additional indicator i.e. a colour change in the time ruler from the ripple point would really help too.



Yes, you are right to high light this. Though I don’t exactly know what is the best way to solve this elegantly.

I think it could be as simple as an indicator in the lower right corner by the bypass master section indicator. You could put the icon for track or global ripple down there or if “none” is currently active, you could have an X over the icon or an empty box.

Thanks for giving this some thought Phillipe- it’s such a useful function. My preference is for some icon very clearly visible that is readily noticed- I suppose I was thinking top half of screen. A bonus would be an additional indicator, maybe something like the focused clip front edge colour changing or the focused clip outline.