Montage Sample Rate Not Updating The Interface

Am I missing a setting somewhere in WL10.0.50 (latest Rev) that forces the interface to update to the Montage’s Sample Rate? If my Lynx Hilo is at 96k and I open WL10 and open a new/blank Montage at 44.1k, the Hilo doesn’t change to 44.1k. I have to manually change the Sample Rate to something other than the Montage’s Sample Rate, click OK, and then change it back to the Montage’s actual Sample Rate and click OK for it to finally be correct. The issue isn’t specific to one Sample Rate; it’s just when your interface is at a different rate than the new Montage you open.

Anyone else having this issue? Known bug perhaps?

The sample rate is changed to the device when playback starts. Just opening a montage has no effect.
This is not something new to WaveLab 10.0.50.

Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification. I’m used to my other DAWs, Reaper and Ableton, changing Sample Rates as they’re opening. Being fairly new to WL, I thought it may be tied to the 10.0.50 Rev.