Montage selection & split?

All I want to do is enter pre-determined times to make a selection, and split the selection into a clip. I enter the start time to place the cursor, use Range to set the end time, and Split. It did it once, but the next time it only splits at the cursor, not the bounds of the selection.

Also, why is entering the time in the dialog boxes so wonky? It automatically puts the cursor at ms field (sometimes); I enter min., arrow to sec. and it doesn’t get all the way over; then moves itself back to min.

What’s going on with these simple operations?


Would this be a crop, instead of a split?

It’s probably a case of getting used to Wavelab’s way of doing things.
Edit tab / Range / check Custom for the start and end and enter the values you need. Click OK and then select ‘Create from Selection’. Done.