montage: split at silences

I love this feature, but I have some questions about it:

Would it be possible to have a system where we could change the threshold and actually see where the clips would be cut before leaving the dialog?

Could we have a separate threshold for the beginning and end? If there’s a big transient at the beginning and a long fade at the end, it can get tricky to find one good threshold that works with both ends. The automatic level detection does a good job generally, but I’ve run into a few situations where it gets confused.

Is there some way to avoid having a fade in and fade out automatically added to the new clips? (my guess is that there is, but I just haven’t found it yet…)

Thanks for your suggestions. I note them. We’ll see.
For the last question, maybe if you don’t set the montage mode “create fades automatically” (menu mode). I can’t verify this now.