Montage starts to play after DDP finishes being created

seems like a bug, but maybe an option i can turn off… at least new to 11.1 … when i’m done making a DDP the montage starts to play by itself… scared the hell out of me yesterday on this noise music project i finished mastering.

slightly annoying but obviously not the end of the world. but if it’s a bug that can be squashed i’ve got one vote in for doing so.



It can be this option here check…

File > Preferences > Global > Options
“Play a Sound When a Long Task Completes”

other than that I don’t know :slight_smile:

regards S-EH

I’ve never really noticed it before, but it seems to be an option here that may have somehow gotten enabled on your system:



the “start playing” on the DDP dialog was checked… never even noticed that before…

and i will check the preferences on “long tasks” just to be sure as well.

thank you, both!