Montage to MP3 Disc?

Not had time to check the ops manual, I am quite familiar with making audio CDs with WLe8, but can the same process be used to burn an MP3 disc from the montage, which is essentially a data disc anyway… I was thinking this would be a fast way to even up levels and place them in a preferred order than just copying the raw files to disc.

Thanks in advance.

You can burn a data CD with mp3 files in WaveLab. But this is not done from the montage.

Ya, I figured as much, I was hoping for an easy fix for leveling a bunch of test mixes that all at once and writing them to data in a certain order.

No worries, I will do each one separately… I could simply write them to Audio CD then rip that later to MP3. More work thats all. :smiling_imp:

Thanks all the same Philippe

WaveLab would allow to export all montage audio tracks as mp3 files, but this is not possible in WaveLab Elements.

I was totally disappointed with WLE when I discovery this.
A long time ago, when mp3 file was almost unused it make sense to be an extra feature. but now? When you can find lots of little apps that batch export to mp3, it is hard to believe you can’t do it in a $99,00 application.