Montage - Track - Enhance - Reverb (issue) WaveLab Pro v11.1.20

For quick sketching montage I decided to use quick access to FX that are available on Inspector pane.
For Track1 I activate Reverb (size:80, mix:50%)

First issue is that after disabling & enabling Reverb, it sounds like it has a delay approximately 40ms (checked with Revelation later). Once I change value of the Reverb Size knob using mousewheel forth and back, Reverb returns to normal as it should be.

Second issue is that activating and deactivating Reverb on other tracks also makes this delay for Track1. I should select Track1, change Reverb size at least for one number and it becomes normal, then return to other tracks and continue my workflow.

Third… After stop with key “0” then second “0” to position cursor to the start and then press Space to play, the delay is present. I need to go to all Reverbs and touch gently every value.

Fourth… nothing changes after reload WaveLab and montage project. After loading montage Reverb delay is present.

So Inspector FX chains don’t work as needed. Going to use normal stock plugins. As I wrote with Revelation I can get the same reverb delay using 40ms value for Delay.

Can it be confirmed by others and if it’s the bug can it be fixed?