Montage tracks playing at wrong speed

There seems to be a weird problem. I think it is a sample rate issue. I created a new 96k montage and imported files. I have a number of other montages (different renders of the main one 96/32, 44/16 etc) open at the same time. Now all of a sudden they are all playing at the wrong speed and distorted. It sounds like the proper sample rate should be 48k but I don’t have a 48k montage to try out. I have changed no preferences. I have Wavelab Pro 10.0.50 on iMac with High Sierra. Worked fine until now.
Any help appreciated. Thanks

Sorry - just worked it out. Logic was still open in the background (I had opened it briefly). Closed it and problem solved. Whew!

The audio device driver was probably not changing.

Yes that sounds like it. The Logic project was 48k. I fiddled around with the Audio MIDI preferences and it wouldn’t let me change the Built-in output format to 96k - it kept jumping back to 48k. So much to learn!
Thanks for your help.