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I can’t seem to find a way of maximising the Montage so I can see all nine stereo tracks in my album project without scrolling? Apologies to all if this is a classic RTFM case but I have tried!
I don’t recall having this issue before, but the last project I mastered in WL was a version or two ago…
The project calls for several cross-fades and differing track gaps and it would be so much easier without the scrolling. At the moment I can see a max of about four tracks in the Montage, with the vertical track size seemingly as squished as possible.
Again, apologies if I am being an Eejit :grin:

Since WaveLab 10, montage track headers have more stuff packed into them, making it mandatory to have a minimum height. Hence there is currently no solution to make them narrower. I hope this can be improved in the future.

Ah, thanks PG.

It’s not a showstopper by any means, but would be good.

Maybe if one could change the ‘lower pane’ type view into a fully sizeable separate window, similarly to the way one can with the editors in Cubase?

One of those things that is probably a lot more work ‘under the hood’ than us users can possibly imagine!

Don’t forget the “Zoom-out” feature: double-click on the tab of the audio montage…

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Ah! And “Doh!” - how did I miss that?

Obviously didn’t RTFM as well as I should have - that helps a lot - got Seven of Nine on screen now, and (sadly maybe?) I don’t mean Jeri Ryan :grin:

Thanks again PG

This is already possible. In the workspace menu, you have “Control Widows”. You could use one or more to dock there all the tool windows you like, hence removing them from the main window.
The main window then can host the montage and only that.


Thanks very much for that pointer PG, excellent info.

There’s so much detail in the manual and of course as with all complex products it’s sometimes more of an issue actually navigating/searching than anything else… my poor excuse!

Thanks again

The manual can’t expose all the possibilities when a system is very flexible. This forum can help :wink: