Montages closing a little slowly?

I’ve noticed that it seems to take a long time to close a montage… I think it sometimes takes longer to close a montage than it does to open it… Even if I choose not to save, it still takes a while before the montage can close… It’s not a big deal, but I figured I’d just mention it in case there is anything that can be done to speed it up somehow. The speed does seem to be affected by how many plugins are running… I could understand slower loading times, but I’m just surprised it takes a while to close also.

I’m not seeing that on my system. I did have an similar issue in my last system and FWIW that was tracked down to Bit Defender security being a touch overzealous.

K… maybe it’s something on my system… I’m not sure what though as nothing else is running but Wavelab (nothing I am aware of at least).

I just timed it… This particular montage took 4 seconds to load… but it took 18 seconds to close - even without saving.

This montage has 8 clips, and there are maybe 2 or 3 effects on each clip. CPU consumption was only at 15% with the montage open. While Wavelab is closing, it remains at 15% the entire time, and then once the montage closes after 18 seconds, it drops to 0%.

Well… It’s not really a big deal I guess. I’m a patient guy… Maybe eventually I’ll figure it out.

I must say I have no clue. Here a complex montage takes less than 1 second to close.
Apart saving the montage, nothing special is done when saving. Normally, montage files are small, unless you have pictures or plugins that store huge presets.
How big is your montage file?
Do you observe the same thing with all montages?

Same here … I just closed a 9 track montage and it was essentially instant.

If you haven’t already, could I suggest that just before you close the next montage … go to Task Manager and see what else is actually running?

And possibly the location of the file(s) could play a role - networked maybe?

I did some more testing… It seems to be related to the plugins loaded. In this montage, I was running 8 instances of the Ozone Maximizer plugin (one on each clip). I unloaded all of the plugins, and now, the montage closes instantly…

Why would Ozone Maximizer cause slow closing of montages?

I think I’ve seen the same thing here, depending on certain clip plugins (including izotope) after play and render. Never thought to track it down. It might even go back to Wavelab 8 if you still have that installed to test on the same montage.

I don’t have Wavelab 8 installed anymore so I can’t try it…

To demonstrate slow closing, I don’t even have to play or render or anything… If I just load the montage (4 seconds), wait a moment, and then close the montage, it takes 18 seconds. If I unload all of the plugins, it closes instantly.

I wonder if it has something to do with ilok authorization for the Izotope plugins?

I had this exact problem in REAPER with the initial versions of Ozone 8/Neutron 2. As one of my tests I tried to reproduce it in WaveLab but couldn’t. I am now using a beta of Ozone 8/Neutron 2 which will eventually be the next maintenance update and the problem is gone. I don’t know what the main cause was but there is maybe a chance it’s causing issues for you in WaveLab in a similar way it was causing problems for me in REAPER.

I would say there is a chance that iZotope plugins are causing a slow quit and it’s worth looking into further.

This is good news! Maybe they have fixed this in the upcoming update! Do you know when it’s scheduled for release by any chance?