Monterey and UR242: MIDI gone in Dorico

I know it’s not totally Dorico related, but I wrote in the right category of the forum, in a thread created 14 days ago about this and… nobody answered. Just wondering whether @Ulf had any clue…
Since I updated to Monterey yesterday, I can no longer use my MIDI keyboard connected to my UR242. Fortunately, I have a tiny Arturia Minilab usb keyboard so I can still work, but… it’s not ideal :wink:

Just a thought: has Steinberg issued updated drivers for the UR242?

Nope. That’s obviously the first thing I looked for. And they’re still testing that hardware with Monterey, so I’m kinda stumped.
[30s later] Restarting my Mac seems to have solved the issue. Just reporting here and on the other forum :wink:

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