Moody's Mood for Love

Aloha guys,

Many many many years ago I was fortunate
to see the great Lionel Hampton do his version of this song.

With todays tech (and my guitar synth)
I can now make those same sounds
playing the same song.

Moody’s Mood for Love.mp3 (1.48 MB)

can’t seem to listen to this without downloading something…is that right? don’t want to download something…Kevin

Very clean sounding recording. I’m assuming you’re using a midi guitar, which one and what vibe soundset are you using? I would have liked to have heard some chords to give the song perspective ala 4 mallet technique. I have a copy of Lionel Hampton doing this song live. Its good to hear your version.

It sounds a little more marimba-ish than it does a vibraphone.

i think it would sound better played an octave higher (rather than in the Tenor register).

Is it your own improvisation or are you reading from a transcription sheet ??

I am a little confused by recording the stereo field is spread to wide for this instrument and possibly changing the range might help (transpose). Lighten up on reverbs too? I love Lionel so great you were able to see him!