Moog and Control Voltages

Hi guys,

I have a Moog Minitaur which has inputs for pitch, volume, filter, and gate CVs. Can I use an audio signal as the CV? So, can I connect the out of my portable mic into one of the CV inputs on the Moog? Thanks

No I don’t think so. Depends on what kind of output your mic has maybe, but that’s not what CV is for.
Control voltage is 0 to 5 volt DC if I’m not mistaken, that’s not what your microphone outputs.

CV is “control voltage.” These inputs are not intended for audio level signals. There is a 1/4" unbalanced ausio input on the back as well. I believe it is for line level signals, so you will probably need a mic preamp if you want to process the audio through the Moog.

What I was hoping to do was use an audio signal to trigger the gate, envelope, and pitch of the oscillators - in a similar fashion to how you can create basslines using audio with the aliensolo vst, or tim exile’s ‘the mouth’ vst… so the bassline sound is basically a synthetic version of the audio being fed into it. Is there a way to convert audio signal into a set of control voltages relating to pitch, envelope and gate? Some sort of hardware maybe?