moog lp midi playback issues


Im having problems getting sound coming from my midi playback in cubase 7.

I have connected up a moog lp into the audio interface then into the computer.

The moog lp can write midi notes and play them back but no sound come out of the speakers and is only doing this when i write midi using sounds from the moog.

If i was to open an insistents of battery for example and use the moog as a midi keyboard and write that way i get playback sound.

I also noticed when in key editor i play notes on the moog lp the keys in the key editor dont light up as i play them?

So it will write the middi notes in and wont playback sound only when i create a midi track for the moog. I can play sound but not listen back after the recording.

Ive checked all the vst connections etc and all seems to be fine. the strange thing is two days ago it was recording and playing back fine but today it decides not to.

Hoping its something simple that im unaware of and someone can help me out.


Have you enabled input monitor on the audio track you wish to record on?

Also, are your VST Connections correct for the inputs of your audio device?

Once something is recorded you must disable input monitor in order to hear something.

Thanks for the reply will double check after work, and get back to you. Thanks for the response.

hello emotive,

Yes ive checked all the things you have said and still no luck. It will record and play back but still no sound? The audio interface is flashing so its receiving the midi out. The key editor is picking up the keys im pressing on just no sound. arhhhh

What kind of audio interface do you have?

tascam us-1444

Im running a moog lp. which has a usb connected to the lp to the computer and from there a audio out to a line in on the audio interface.

It was working the other day and no settings have changed. confused

Do you mean this:,d.dGI

What OS are you using?

the driver version is a 2.02

ive decided to uninstall and reinstall cubase 7. This is the 3rd unknown problem this week. First i lost all my audio inserts, i could only get sound from bypassing the inserts on the audio tracks. Now no midi playback and finally it comes up with failed to parse when importing a xml file.

thanks for your help. anyway much appreciated.