Moog Sub Phatty

Pre-Order has been placed … but no deliveries till March! grrrrr want mooooog now.

Anyone else jump on this synth?

I’m also looking at getting the new MS-20 once the first wave of regret re-sales hit ebay.

Not even heard of it :confused: .
I’m still secretly shopping for a slim phatty though.

sub > slim

Nice! :sunglasses:

the korg ms20 has been released as well which im paying major attention on :wink:

By the way its fully 14 bit poly MIDI, so you can use it as a controller and play poly VSTi. But I’m primarily interested in seeing how good it does at controller VSTi with the 32 knobs.

sorry jm i didn’t look at you first post properly i was to excited about the ms20 , they state it’s exactly the same as the original ,same circuitry and components ,just 86% of the original size , im the same as you im waiting for the first wave to finish . beforte this i was thinking of buying an original and a kenton volts/hz kit with the kenton pro solo just to get the sound , but now … lets wait and see :wink: .

I think i’ll take a trip to antertons and check the moog out before i make my mind up but i must say the multi drive looks interesting :wink:

I’m torn on the MS-20. But at $600 I may end up with it too. Or, I’m guessing around September/October the impulse buy guys will be tossing them on Ebay.

so true , looks like i’ll be bidding against you then :wink:

:laughing: You want really funny … I’ll bet if you could get an early one, you could sell it for $800 or $900 to someone who didn’t want to wait a month or two.

oh yes just for the extra month or so pay the extortionate inflated price :wink: im only going to try it out and see what i think i might still buy an original yet

The 20 has a unique sound for sure. I’m think of getting the new DSI P12 though.