Moog Sub37 + Cubase 8

Hi guys,

I just bought a moog sub37 and I need your advices on how to plug and work with the synth in cubase.

So my moog is plugged by USB into my computer and by audio into my audio interface.
When I create a midi track i can obviously record the keys and automation, i can listen back to what i just did by setting the sub37 as midi output.
I can record audio parts as well.

My questions are :

  • i’m not a musician, i like to work with midi to see if there are mistakes or whatever, is this possible to only work this way with the moog ? how can i record what i do with the moog and then use this in a track (except audio ?) ?
  • i tried to start a track with the synth, i got my first channel with a specific preset and then i wanted to add a second channel with an other preset but it didnt work, every time i changed the preset on the moog it changed both channels. How can i avoid that?

Thanks guys see ya

I just got mine yesterday, great piece of kit. I don’t have everything worked out yet, but I think this is what I’m planning on doing to use it:

  1. Create an audio channel (SUB 37 Ctrl) and load the SUB 37 plugin. Note: You can only have one of these in your project. Use it to make and save patches.
  2. Create as many MIDI tracks as you need that point to the SUB 37 for the different sounds you want to use. If you want to make a poly pad, create a MIDI track for each note, etc.
  3. For each sound you have dialed in, save the preset, then bounce the track to audio. You can either use the track you created for the plugin or another track that has its input set to the SUB 37.
  4. Use the audio clips.
    The SUB 37 is kind of a Highlander, there can be only one. The trick is being be able to reproduce your track. It can be easily done if you think about it.