Moog Subsequent37 as External Instrument

Hi guys,

Sorry for being a noob - just get my Subsequent37 and i was wondering how to set it on Ext instrument on Cubase - I already watched Greg Ondo’s tutorial but i can’t find Moog Midi Device on the list - even tho i already installed the Moog Midi driver on my PC - did i missed something?

I’m using Cubase 10 Pro 10.0.10



You can still set it as an external instrument. Meaning it will create a VST that communicates with the correct midi in/out port that you can open as a plugin and handle it just as any other vast plugin sound wise. The downside in your case is that there is no pre-configured midi device for the Subsequent37. So you can’t use it to send patch changes or other sysex control messages. You can make a device yourself but you need a fair knowledge of how to read midi implementation sheets and also how to set it up in Cubase . If you are bold enough you can take a look in the manual ( and the midi implementation at the back of your Subsequent37 manual. Or you could ask in other forums that are more aimed at Moog if maybe someone has created a device that they want to share with you?