Mooving License

Hi all,
I’m completely blocked on the license registration and steinberg is not reply yet after several weeks.
Then… please help me as you can to this issue.

I bought one used software correctly register of cubase 8.
While I’m tring to register the software, the system reply me that license is already used.
(obliviusly dongle are correclty inserted on the workstation)

Then, if the way to follow the ticket from steinberg getting me crazy, I sould follow another way to register the software.

I was thinking to:

  1. access in the other user account and remove the USB-Licenser registration for the software.
  2. Create USB-Licenser registration for the dongle on my account
  3. Use the “temporary” code registration of cubase to register the product
  4. go in mysteinberg once again and register permanently the software.

—could it work?

Any other suggestion?

Many regards

In the previous registrant account the registration must be released. Google ‘Steinberg Resale Wizard’.

Thank you very much Steve,
Then, I try to “delete” the registration on the other account and i will try to register from scratch on my workstation the Cubase 8?

But maybe the other users I’m afraid that he’s missing something: ( I sent me the wrong key?!?!)

  • in the eLiceser Control Center, I’m able to see just one application registered with:
    Steindberg, Non-Movable, Remaining Time 24h
    (also if this count down is stopped, no count down)
    code-usb1: 1410150 → with “non-movable license”
    code-usb2: 1320997 → empty!

  • In the account of the other user, I have:
    USB-eLicenser: 1269785 xxxxx (different code that mine, see above…)
    eLicenser nameProducts on this eLicenser: Cubase 7.5, Groove Agent 4, HALion 5, Cubase Pro 8

10/01/2015 14:57
Cubase Pro 8
0240 7CBN HPEF QOUT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

19/10/2014 17:55
HALion 5
0240 7CRQ BFQD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

19/10/2014 02:22
Groove Agent 4
0240 7CEG RXVG xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

13/06/2014 17:02
Cubase 7.5
0240 7CMA PBKD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Any other suggestion or confirm?

Please, I’m really confused about all and I have to ask the money back to the user in case of something is missing.


Yes, sounds like he sent you the wrong key. If you bought a used license it should already be on the USB key.

Exactly! I try to ask him once again…
Also because in the last step:

  • I folloow the guide you sent me
  • I removed the registration on his account
  • I tried to register from scratch on my workstation the software, but system reply me with " code already registered"
    ( I used the paper with serial code included in the box for this step, like as I should perform a "new registration from scratch)
    “sound seems that I did everything for me possible”

What do you think?
I’m going to involve the user if this mind of way could be confirmed.

Many regards

Message receive:
with serial number found in the box paper for the first registration, after removing the serial numbers on the old users account (my steinberg).

The only thing of value in this is the USB key containing the license you bought. If you did not receive it then you haven’t gotten what you paid for, sorry to say.

i try to involve the user.
Cause in the USB Key licenser program, should I see all license “permanently” bought by the old user, correct?!
In my case I’ve just seen the “temporary” one.

many regards fro your support,
I will let you know,


What did you recieve after you bought it? Did you just receive the Activation Code for this?

The Seller needs to transfer the licence to another USB Elicencer wich is unregistered and send it to you. In any case you need an USB Licencer from the Seller. Just unregistering the Sellers E-Licencer and than try to reactivate the Licence with the Code on another elicencer doesn’t work.

That’s correct.