Mordent and the likes from the Baroque era

It seems that Dorico can trill but can’t do the mordent and the mordent, the inverted mordent and all the other beautiful ornaments from the Baroque era.
May I ask if it is in agenda for the future versions? But, most importantly for now, is there a way to “spell out” these ornaments so that they are played but “not seen” in the score?

It’s on the todo list already: Playing of turns - #2 by dspreadbury

(Reminder: you can ask, but quite often questions have been answered before, so it really is worth searching. I searched this forum for mordent playback and this was the second result; I suppose it’s now the third.)

You could give your instrument an extra staff, write the notes in there, then remove that extra staff again.

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My bad, I do apologise! When I started the topic the little window at my right browsed for similar topics but it guess I skimmed them too fast so I thought mine was a brand new question.