Mordent nomenclature inconsistency?

Hello Dorico team
When I input Shift+O > “mord” and “invmord” I get the same symbol, that is, the symbol I know as inverted mordent. And I get exactly the same symbol when I input “lower mordent” and “mordent” and even “upper mordent”.

I realize that the nomenclature shifted from the 18th to 19th centuries.
18th century terminology: short trill (pralltriller) versus mordent (=lower mordent)
19th century terminology: mordent (upper mordent) versus inverted/lower mordent.

But I’m wondering if Dorico, trying to cover all the bases, hasn’t got it quite clear.
Don’t you think “upper mordent” and “lower mordent” should produce different symbols? Likewise for “mord” and “invmord”? Couldn’t we also have the tilde programmed in to produce the upper mordent sign in the Shift+O dialog? And perhaps # for the lower mordent?

As far as I can see, the only code for the upper mordent sign that I want is to input “shorttrill” or “shorttr”. And sometimes, on the C above mid-C, the sign flies up in the air above the staff.

I don’t think this has anything to do with confused nomenclature.

My understanding is that the ornaments popover isn’t fully-fledged (yet?). Table 1 here is comprehensive. If you want to input an ornament that isn’t in that table, you need to use the right panel.

When I put ornaments into Notation Express I had to resort to recording scripts to figure out what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s laborious but entirely possible: you’ll need to edit your keycommands JSON in a good text editor.

I think there is some confusion, in that at least one educational authority respected world wide (ABRSM) used to use the “mordent/lower mordent” terminology in all its publications and examinations with no mention at all that it didn’t correspond to 18th century usage. And the 18th century was the last time both of these these ornaments were part of “contemporary music notation”.

Personally, I would just go with mordent and pralltriller, and ignore the (presumably well-meaning) 19th century musicologists who chose different names.

Well, thanks to you both. Does anyone know if there is any way to set up bespoke key commands within the Shift+O input box?

There is not.

If you want something different, create a Performance Technique with its own shortcut.

Thanks Benwiggy
I’m not finding that in Key Commands.
Where do I find out how to do it, pls?

Here are some generic steps for creating a custom playing technique - the dialogs in which you do this are documented here and here as well.

Thanks a lot, Lillie. That’s really helpful.