Mordents Interval Above

It seems to me that “interval above” in mordents don’t work in Dorico“interval below” works perfect.

Hmm, quite right. Doesn’t work in 3.1 either.

two thoughts:

  1. When you say ‘work’, what do you mean? I thought mordents don’t affect playback, so apart from getting an accidental, what are you looking for?
  2. Don’t mordents only ‘go one way’? (Though opinion is divided as to which way.)

EDIT: Yes: What Dorico calls the mordent (with the line through) works for ‘interval below’; and what Dorico calls the Short Trill (mordent without line) only works for interval above. Presumably the position of the accidental is reflected in their role.


Oops, Ben’s right.

Totally right​:joy:. Thanks!!!:slight_smile: