more 10.5.20 pro issues

Also getting the following…
Halion usually doesn’t load most times

Well those messages are telling you there is a communication issue between your computer and dongle. Have you done like the message advises and tried another USB port? If you are on a hub try a port on the computer itself. Perhaps the dongle is damaged? Are you able to reliably access the dongle using eLicense Control?

hello guys , i got today a hub issues too. i does not show graphics, just a “?” sign. i been trying everything and nothing. could somebody help me please?. thanks a lot

Could you perhaps post a pic of the problem. Not at all sure what you mean by “hub issues”

I had the same problem a few months ago. I purchased a new dongle and everything worked fine again. My old dongle was too old (> 10 years) obviously. If you also have an older one, try this.