More 10.5 E-Licensor Issues

Hi I’d just like to report more painful dongle issues in10.5. After previous fiascos, this time if you open a session in Cubase 10.5 and then close it down and then open Dorico SE 3.5, the eLicensor will not recognise Dorico. Likewise if you open Dorico and then quit it and then open Cubase, it will not open Cubase as the licensor thinks it is Cubase Artist. You have to do a preferences dump and a maintenance upgrade and a restart to get going which is not conducive to professional work. The eLicesnot software is really weak and fragile and Steinberg needs to completely rethink it. The last problem took three weeks to solve . Rant over.

Personally, I think the e-licenser dongle is an outdated PITA. Sure, it has some advantages when you change to a new computer - just plug it in and you’re on your way, but it ranks right up there with a Commodore Pet in terms of technology. Steinberg needs to rethink, it among other things.

Elicenser is absolutely horrible - I am about to leave Dorico - #38 by brettcephalon - Dorico - Steinberg Forums they want to change it, check what Daniel at Steinberg wrote. Btw It takes me 5sec to find this on forum.