more about IAA instruments inside Cubasis

Additional info re: IAA “instruments” v. “generators”, relating to the now-locked topic:
(Not clear why it was locked…)
The workaround @sirdavidabraham generously shared not only sorts out apps listed by Cubasis as “instruments” that Cubasis freeze function doesn’t work with (enabling audio tracks and Midi sequencing for synths like Animoog and z3ta that are IAA sequence-able by Cubasis, but aren’t freeze-able, given app quirks of those apps)

The workaround also brings into full IAA functionality (midi sequencing audio tracks) many apps that Cubasis doesn’t “see” as IAA instruments that the devs of those apps do consider IAA “instruments”, and/or have the requisite virtual midi functionality that enables these apps to act like IAA instruments (the many Korg apps are a great example: iElectribe iPad and iPhone, Module, Gadget, iMS20 etc)

This is another great gift of the workaround from @sirdavidabraham, and also puts focus on the mess that IAA can often be,including the IAA nomenclature of “instrument” v “generator” that now seems to have very little descriptive value, given Cubasis robust audio/MIDI interoperability, and the Midi/audio interoperability of the many apps that don’t appear in Cubasis IAA instrument list.

Thanks! It’s great to be able to use those other great sounding instruments. Definitely worth the effort :sunglasses:

Thanks go to you, I hadn’t seen this method anywhere else, including the manual, had accepted the apparent “blackout” inside Cubasis of many favorite IAA synths, drums and other “instruments” - I hesitate to use that term! - and had even started deleting apps from the device that I thought I couldn’t use, as I have found a workflow I love in Cubasis.

(That I thought my creative output could benefit from deliberate narrowing of synth choices, and was a little relieved to use Cubasis as an excuse is another story. Meanwhile- Im going back to the idea that my workflow is built on having access to the fullest garden of synths possible, thanks to you :wink: )