More annoying tie problems

Because it is true that many people are initially confused by the way Dorico handles ties.

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@Janus Agreed. But styling a tie is not a “beginner” problem. This is a bug, and bugs should be reported for the sake of improving software, right?

I am happy to be proven wrong, though. If you have a way to change tie styles effortlessly, please let me know!

Hi, @rowild, I think there are still some rough edges with ties, but I got used to the way, Dorico handles ties. The problem for me is, that Dorico is not consistent, when there is more than one tie. I would prefer, if Dorico would apply changes to the stlye of all ties, when I am in Write mode and I want to be able to overwrite properties for single ties in Engrave mode.
Also there is a display problem, when you switch on the dash/dot property. Dorico only shows the correct dash/dot after you press enter or adjust the Zoom level, like you pointed out in your video.