More Arranger Track abilities in Cubase?


I posted this in the old forum already, a few days, before it closed, So here I go again:

I would really like to see some additions to the Arranger Track:

  • ability to assign MIDI notes to arranger sections (permits change of section playing live!!!)
  • change of arranger section triggered on the next bar (already exists in Arranger Live Mode, but only using the mouse)
  • minimum section size at least 16th notes (it´s an 8th at the moment)
    More additions welcome :slight_smile: .
    Or is it already in Cubase 6?

Just give it a MIDI Input or something like the Scene Pads in the “old” Loopmash.
This would make Cubase a great platform for live use.
All the best.


funny: in Sequel you have the ability to assign MIDI notes to arranger sections (trigger by master-keyboard e.g.)!
Steinberg, please…

bump :sunglasses:

Anyone? Do these features exist in C6?

It would be so nice to trigger repeated sections from an external device either by midi or by keystrokes :smiley:


I was just thinking the same thing!

-a selectable tracks function for any given section eg. section A 8 bars with drum/section B same 8 bars without. So you could mix the same 8 bars without the need to copy paste/delete events.

Maybe done in such way (select events/make selection into an arranger track section)

Yes please! :slight_smile:
I’d also like to see a new mode for the Arranger track… let’s call it “Cue Mode”…
I suppose it would be basically the same thing as Live mode, but triggered from its own (linear) track along the time line. This would basically allow us to trigger complete musical cues at specific times.



Seriously, there is no notations above 8th’s?

I’ve never used arranger but unless it supports the same notations as the rest of the app, or at least 64, I don’t want to know.

I think, there is a lot of potential in an updated Arranger track. I was even considering to buy Sequel, just to have this feature, but you cannot import Cubase proyects to Sequel, obviously…



What about (Multi) Audio-Export for Arrangerparts?

I think, that´s self explanatory - and would be a great improvement!
The possibility exists, and no other DAW has this feature.


+1000 for live performance!


live modus in arranger is a very good idea! and it shouldn’t be as difficult because this function already exists in steinberg’s sequel.

Not entirely worked out, but you guys do know you can send previous and next, arranger chain steps with the Generic Controller?
If Steinberg would implement a command to fire a specific Arranger Event, it would be easier though.


I really hope Steinberg makes improvements to the Arranger Track in the direction of Ableton and Bitwig. I would LOVE to be able to do something like this in Cubase one day :sunglasses:

Didn.t know that. Have to check that out.


ok, but is there a way to change arranger parts by midi notes/masterkeyboard with the Generic Controller?

Ableton’s Session view would be great :open_mouth:

Unfortunately not. You can only use previous and next chain step or first and last repeat.
It would be wicked if you could attach a MIDI command to an arranger event to manually edit the song structure or loop an arranger event.
Or even fill an arranger chain by MIDI :sunglasses: