More audio modulation capabilities + midi

Cubase is the king of midi. In many areas. But a source of inspiration that draws me away is Ableton and bigwigs ability to modulate any parameter of a vst or inbuilt instrument on a per clip basis or per track Automation for Audio clips.

A good example would be Beat repeat or arpeggiator in Ableton. 2 effects that can be used on midi of audio with extensive manipulation qualities.

I constantly find myself looking for ways to achieve these things. Thus far I can’t.
But I do tend to find my ability to experiment with audio is similar in Ableton to what it feels like with midi in cubase.

Allowing users to modulate as opposed to automate on a per clip basis completely innovates on sound design possibilities.

Same with cc value. These should be permitted to be assigned to any perimeter and modulated regardless of whether you have a controller or not for per event tightening of design.