More bands and better scaling to Channel Strip Equalizer

This has probably been said quite a few times, but I’d like to add my voice to this request.

Lately I’ve been streamlining my workflow and using the built-in channel strip in Cubase quite a bit. I love how it makes everything faster, simpler and easier on the CPU. I also love the ability to isolate Q and Gain with shift and ctrl. The ability to overlay other tracks comes in handy quite often. Dan Worrall made a video on the EQ, and showed it is quite close to Pro Q3 in performance, so it’s a great EQ too.

4 bands with the filters in the Pre-section get most of the heavy lifting done, but on a few channels in each project I notice I’d need one or two bands more. Usually this happens, when I use low and high shelves to create a tilt-shift, which uses up half of the bands.

In addition to some extra bands, I’d like to be able to change the scale of the EQ. It has such a huge range, that I sometimes have to fiddle around too much to make small, 1-2 dB changes.

Hopefully these are things that Steinberg could incorporate in future updates!


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