More bugs

Installed last update 1.1.20
Create a song, an audio track, import an mp3:

1-Audio is not imported at cursor position
2- Can´t get event snapped to bar (see picture)
3- When playing the track I start hearing music at 2.1 when the clip starts at 1.1
If I scroll through the timeline and go back to start everything seems to be ok now.
I have no doubt: developers do not test the app before releasing it…
Enough for VL for today, surely there are a thousand bugs more…

Hi @diegoalejo15,

sorry about your problems. Maybe you can come back and help us to identify the problem? Are you working with an activated pre-roll. 1 Bar? That’s the problematic one in your case. We’ll have a look to it.


yes,right, issue occurs with pre roll.

… we’ll fix it. Promised.