More channels in the Nuendo multi-channel bus

It was really nice to see a 13.1 bus available in Nuendo 6. But I had so much hoped for an unlimited bus size option where:

  • the channels are routed to virtual loudspeakers specified by the the user
  • monitoring is via a standard configuration in the control room setup
  • mastering tools work linearly over the large bus just the same as over the current configurations.

The purpose of this would be to mix and master large spatial formats such as high order ambisonics and hybrid spatial arrays where the user already has spatial audio knowledge, specifies a custom defined bus and may also wish to combine material spatialised within Nuendo with material spatialised via other methods.

I’ve worked professionally with spatial audio for 20 years, moving away from Protools to Neundo 11 years ago, mainly due to the better handling of multichannel in the mastering process. Although the unlimited bus size option would be a less used feature to begin with, it would allow Nuendo to lead the way in the future of spatial audio.

The unlimited bus size option would be a fantastic complement to the fixed bus setups currently offered. Third party VST plugins would also spring up to enhance the workflow. For anyone rendering more that a 14ch source, Reaper is the only practical solution (in Nuendo the only option is to split the channels into groups: a nightmare to keep track of and near impossible to master without destroying the spatial motion). For many years I’ve adapted my own work arounds, but students get stuck with how time consuming these can be.

I’m very interested to know opinions and future plans in this direction.

Many thanks!

+1 for more channels in Nuendo and Cubase.



Steinberg don’t seem to get this at all, been raised before, changing the bus architecture to allow for custom speaker configurations (Reaper offers 64 channels per bus) seems like too big an ask for them, despite it being a no-brainer in terms of the direction things are going. I mean, for example, after decades of wishful thinking, finally, thanks to VR, something like ambisonics is starting to be taken more seriously in mainstream audio production circles. But, are Steinberg interested in stepping up and offering users bus customisation? Nope. Just more standardised routing templates for the latest, Hollywood, brandname spatial audio fad.