More color options to make a lighter theme possible


Cubase can do some great colors. People have even expanded on the available choices. (I’m on a Windows system and don’t know what the Mac side offers, largely the same I’m assuming).

What I’ve observed from watching youtube demos is that the best colors are those users develop for themselves. That’s a great program feature and I’d never want to see it abandoned in favor of a few, locked-in, color set-ups. I like the flexibility as it is now. I’m developing my own preferences over time.

However, I would like a choice of some preset color pallets. 1. Light, 2. Medium, 3. Dark, perhaps, morning, afternoon, nighttime- -whatever. In pro-Nine we have some of this, but it’s on the darker side of the spectrum. My usual Preference is “Use Project Colors.” A few well-designed presets would be good – tastefully crafted by a skilled art director.

Carry on. :slight_smile: