More communication from mods please

I had a post removed this morning, I’d be grateful if the mod that did that would let me know why.

Post was something like:
Title: “Hub ‘News’ Has Gone Missing - anyone else?”
Text: “Mine did (twenty characters)”

Was it the topic of the post that caused the post to be flagged?
Was it the “(twenty characters)”, placed because of forum engine restrictions on shorter posts?
Or was it … ?

Inquiring minds want to know!

More communication is better, almost always …

Thank you :slight_smile:

Alexis i think it has more to do with , you looking on the forum before posting as this has been a big thing for the last two days and the forum has be full of these posts

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Their could probably be more communication from the mods indeed, but I am sure there is no bad intention at all.

I noticed that (as FilterFreq mentioned) quite a few posts are about the same root problem: The Steinberg website/server has issues.
The Moderators tend to merge all these related posts into one single post.
The advantage is that one can find all related info in one post, the disadvantage is that they create a very long (too long) post that is no longer read …
BTW, Your post is merged into this big one


Precisely as @FilterFreq and @Fantom have said, thanks guys.

To be clear, @alexis, your post was not removed. Also, you were automatically subscribed to that topic.

You might not know that all your activity is listed chronologically here.

I maintain the Forum Guide for those users interested in the tools available for posting, editing, mentioning, uploading, etc. It’s yours to read 24/7.

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Thank you, all, for the 411. I actually have been on the forum a bit recently, browsing, lurking, etc, surprised I’d missed such a big topic, so sorry!

The message I got wasn’t “your topic has been merged/moved”, etc. - it was “your post has been flagged by the community as being inappropriate, you can revise it if you get there in 10 minutes, otherwise it will be deleted”, paraphrasing.

Not sure why that message would be the one I’d get … maybe just a wrong button inadvertently getting clicked.

Anyway, I see the Hub News now, so I guess it’s fixed! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the info -