More Comprehensive Export Preset Options, Please

I appreciate the dropdown presets in the N11 Export Audio window very much, as well as the new Mixdown folder. And that having been said…and some of this has been mentioned before, though I don’t see it here under the Nuendo tag…

In a typical workday these days I’m splitting my time between several types of projects, all with their own specific needs:

Scoring a TV show, which means exporting mixes and stems at 48/24 with very specific naming requirements (have made presets).

Producing audiobooks, which involves both rendering wav masters at 16/44 AND bouncing out mp3s for pickups, each with different naming requirements.

Generic music stuff-- ie, my own projects and remote sessions for other folks. Less rigorous, file-name wise, and variable in terms of output requirements.

I would very much like:

• For every option selectable in the Export Audio window to be saveable in one single preset. That would save me a bunch of error-inviting clicks per export-hour, and the associated re-bouncing.

• For output location, cycle vs locators, format and everything else in the Export Window to be saved with the project, rather than globally (maybe with a “default” option). I do understand that some of the parameters are already project-specific, but remembering just which ones can be annoyingly confusing at 3am.

I’m very much enjoying N11. The new improvements in the Export Window are a big step in the right direction… but just another little step could be one giant leap for Nuendo-kind.

Or, at least for me… :slight_smile: