More Condensing woes

I have this phrase,

and I need single stems with “a2” from the middle of bar 2. If I put in a Condensing Change there, the slurs disappear.

I’ve tried all the slur options in the Condensing Change dialog.

Is this possible?

No, you can’t change condensing in the middle of a slur, I’m afraid.

Even so, the slur shouldn’t disappear, should it?

It will if you change the condensing in the middle of it, I’m afraid.

You can achieve what I think you want with a workaround:

  1. Start with your original phrase.
  2. In engrave mode, select the upstem notes beginning with the E# and flip the stems down.
  3. Select the second note of each pair and set the voice column index to zero.
  4. Select the lower tie at the end of the phrase and flip it above. Hide the other tie by setting its middle and end thicknesses to zero. In write mode with condensing off, select one E# and add staff text to provide the a 2 player label. Position this text in the score and hide it in the part.

Edit: Adding the staff text causes the first pair of notes in the phrase to stop sharing a voice. This can be fixed by flipping the stem of the upper note, lengthening that stem by 1/2 space, and setting the voice column index of the lower note to zero.


That’s clever.

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@johnkprice is a Condensing wizard.

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