more cubase artist 8 issues! help!?

hi guys,

so after a clean os install and trying out a ur22 and saffire pro 24 my cubase artist 8 is still playing up.

now some of my projects will not output sound through the stereo output, even though cubase is configured to do so.

this happens with either the ur22 or saffire pro 24.

only work around is to delete the current vst output connection, recreate it and then one by one set each track in the project back to the stereo output again, then sound can be seen and heard through the main output.

not sure what has started causing this or how to properly fix it, any help much appreciated.



this is known issue of Cubase 8.0.20. This should be fixed in Cubase 8.0.30. Try to download this latest update, please.


yes i’m using the latest update and can see in the release notes that it mentions this problem, but its not fixed in my case!

only solution/fix it seems is what i have mentioned in my first post, which is a real pain…

other issue i’m experiencing is flickering mouse pointer only whilst a waves plugin is being used and the cubase play marker is scrolling in view.



weired, this should be really fixed. This, what you described, was the only one workaround.

Regarding to Waves plug-ins, update these plug-ins, please. There also were some known issues (I don’t know about this exactly, but there were even crashes).