More divisi condensing trouble

I’m playing around with condensing (including divisi) and have some bugs to report… perhaps i’m just doing something wrong, but I can’t find record of these anywhere else on the forum:

  1. The screenshots below are of galley view in write mode and page view in engrave mode (condensed) of the same passage. Notice at bar 84 the viola notes disappear; hairpin is still there which is what alerted me to it. Will have to go back through and check as there may well be other instances earlier in the score that I didn’t see!
  2. I’d like to save a little space by condensing the divisi string parts on the left hand page in the same way as the right hand page (so in the same voice, sharing stems and amalgamating the tremolo). If I try to force this with a manual condensing change, I get 2 a separate staves for each divisi line (i.e. uncondensed), no matter what settings I choose or where I put the condensing change.

Since Daniel will probably need it, make sure you attach a project that exhibits the problem (zip it first)

Roger. File is too large for me to attach but I have uploaded here:

Thanks for uploading this, it’s cool to see a big Wagner score in Dorico! In bar 84, your second violas are in a different voice (colored green); I selected this passage and used the Change Voice command to put these notes in upstem voice 1; then they do appear in the condensed score. I’m not sure about your second screenshot.

I do have one other question about your score - when I playback in NotePerformer, it sounds like the horns are a 1/4 tone flat at the beginning. By rehearsal 3 (bar 47) they seem fine. I can’t figure out why this is happening. I do see that you have lots of different transpositions for your horns in setup mode, but I don’t know why that would make horn in F sound a 1/4 flat, for only part of the piece. Curious to see if anyone else encounters this issue.

Ah, well spotted RE the voicing - will check to see if that happens anywhere else. Still a bug though right?

Playback sounds fine to me - sure you didn’t have your elbow on the pitchbend wheel!?

And yes, the hundreds of different transpositions are from various failed experiments - at some point I will try to remove everything i’m not using!

Now this is weird! When I set the playback template to the built-in HSSE+HSO (Pro), everything sounds in tune. But when I go back again to NotePerformer, the beginning horns are again a 1/4 tone flat, while the rest of the orchestra is in tune. To be more exact, the horns in bar 1 are in tune. Then the horns rest for three bars; when they enter again, they are out of tune until around bar 47. I quit and restarted Dorico, and still get the same thing: in tune with HSO, out of tune with NotePerformer. Why would this be happening, I wonder?

As for whether the voice thing in bar 84 is a bug - I did see bar rests at the top of the staff in the viola 2 there, which is why I turned on voice colors. Those bar rests may have thrown off the condensing somehow, but I don’t know.

I’m telling you guys, this flat playback thing happens to me in Noteperformer all the time. I swear I’m not crazy.

Wow - I use NotePerformer all the time, but this is the first time I’ve heard flat playback. There is some tiny microtonal stuff sometimes, but I thought that was just to make string sections sound more human. Nothing like a quarter tone flat!

It happens to me too sometimes. I always thought it would be part of the humanization (especially with horns :wink: ), but it is a little annoysing. often it disappears after reopening

I always thought it would be part of the humanization (especially with horns > :wink: > )

As a former horn player I resemble that remark. :laughing: