more drum map flexibilty > 127 midi notes for 'ALL' channels

the drum map is a good tool for mapping midi ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ but it is limited to 127 notes (as if it is only one one channel),

It should act like normal midi tracks - you can have two midi events on the same note but can go to different channels.

Then you can have more than one drum VSTi in the drum map editor, each with its own range of 127 notes - instead of all of them sharing the same 127 note range. (you can have more than one VSTi at the moment but they cannot share the same note on different channels)

Then you could use the drum map for all kinds of complex midi note triggering for all your VSTis and FX…not just drums…anything that needs ‘triggering’ , like chorder plugins or midi triggered FX gates, etc…so it would work as a LIVE midi note map for all your VSTis