more E licenser woes

I used to be able to run Dorico and Cubase at the same time, but now I get an E-licenser application error - “Process with the ID NOT found”
It doesn’t matter which program I start first.
And after quitting the program that was running I can’t start either until I reboot.
And if I start the ELC control center no licenses show up until I reboot.
The dongle is the new type.
Any suggestions ?

Which version of eLicenser Control Center do you have?

The latest I think:

Try rolling back to

There do seem to be some problems with - or whatever version is bundled with 3.5.10 - on Windows 10 (see this thread for instance:

YES! - this worked :slight_smile:
I have to start Cubase first and then Dorico. If I do it the other way around I get the elicenser message “An important service has become unresponsive.”
Thank’s pianoleo :slight_smile:

The problem is back! (
It’s random: Many times I can start Cubase and then Dorico (it crashes the other way around), but often I get these two errors:
elicenser error.png
clicking retry get’s me this:
elicenser error2.png
Then the elicenser window shows no licenses,and I have to reboot the machine.
It’s looks like it’s Halion, that breaks down.
Any ideas ?

PS - how do you guys get attachments to show directly in the text ?

Make sure the biggest size of the picture is smaller than 700 pix. Attach and submit. Then click on the attachment of the post, copy the picture url. Modify your post, and with “full view”, invoke the picture tool (third from the right) where you want the picture to be. Paste the url, submit. If there are multiple pictures, rinse and repeat.

Unfortunately, Mads, I don’t know what to suggest to help you. Have you contacted our support team directly by raising a ticket via MySteinberg?

Rather than hosting on the forum, I find it much easier to upload the image to imgur and copy the link.

Thank’s Daniel - I have now.