More editing features on dorico iPad

Greetings to all the community, I am very happy with the new dorico update for iPad, personally I use it a lot to edit scores for my students and in the desktop version I use a lot the frame editing features as well as master pages and different templates and it is a feature I miss a lot in the iPad version, actually it is much more practical and functional to use the iPad when I leave home instead of a laptop and it would be great to have more editing options on iPad.

Thanks for the feedback, Martin. We are certainly interested in further extending the capabilities of the iPad version, but given our small development team we have to carefully prioritise work across our three target platforms to make sure we are delivering maximum value to the largest possible number of users. So I can’t make any commitments at this stage about when we might be able to work on this.

For me the iPad is so much more practical than using a laptop or desktop because the setup is so clean, simple, and ergonomic: I place the iPad on the music stand of my keyboard (it’s a digital piano but it could be a synthesizer), and that’s it! No separate keyboard needed, no routing of cables and cords, etc…