More EDL questions

Hey Nuendo EDL / Conform god’s. Does anybody have a solution for these 2 problems?

  1. I try to conform dialog to an audio EDL. It works, but whenever there is a fade in the audio Nuendo will only place an event of 0 frames length at the start point of the fade out. I can then drag out the audio to the left and it will be in sync, but obviously it’s not very practical when you need to conform a lot of audio.

  2. I’m trying to be a cheeky boy and edit an EDL in a text editor (text wrangler/text edit) but as soon as I save the file Nuendo won’t accept it as an EDL anymore. Is there a way?


old post but still.

I edit using text wrangler quite often and have no issues.
I suggest looking at you text encoding settings, I can’t give you a recommended setting as such, but if it is set to a setting that deviates from “standard” it can cause stuff to fail.

Ask the editor (if using MC) to export the audio EDL’s without fades (transitions as cuts IIRC).
Or if you have EdiLoad I am almost certain you can use it to do it for you.

Send me an edl and I can test it for you.
EdiLoad is a great problem solver at times.