More elicenser reactivation problems

I successfully transferred my license in August to my laptop for travel. Now I’m home and trying to reactivate on the original desktop computer. I am following this procedure:

First off, I do not see two elicensers on the Steinberg website. Only the one on my laptop where Dorico currently is running. When I attempt to register the missing desktop’s elicense, the following error occurs. I am running the latest version of the elicenser and I have already tried uninstalling and doing a clean new install.

Screenshot 2021-10-07 081356

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Can’t offer help, just sympathy. I too have been enduring Steinberg elicenser hell.

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When you use the reactivation procedure, you are effectively moving your single license from the old eLicenser to the new one. The old one is now gone as far as the system is concerned. However, you should be able to use the reactivation procedure again to move back to your original computer. If the web site tells you that your “old” eLicenser can’t be reactivated, you’ll need to recreate the Soft-eLicenser on that computer, which you should be able to do by running the eLicenser installation helper tool available from this page.

If someone knowing nothing about Dorico read this, (s)he would think that rocket scientists are talking about how to relaunch a satellite that failed to have a lift off. So simple. :joy:

Fortunately, the days of the eLicenser system are numbered, and things are going to get (much) better.