More Featured Cubase/Nuendo Artists ?


Just a suggestion for Steinberg.

It would be cool to have more Cubase/Nuendo featured artists on the Steinberg website, more film composers, electronic musicians, producers, …etc. and updated more frequently (i.e. on a weekly or bi-weekly basis).

Reading about how other musicians, using Cubase/Nuendo, and other Steinberg VSTs would be very interesting, and useful info.

i.e. more on how they use Cubase/Nuendo, and VSTs, their studio setups, workflow, Production/Mixing Tips, Interviews, …etc.

Hope others here feel the same.


I agree, I liked reading those interviews they used to do in the newsletters etc, not seen them in a good while.

Don’t you think they could also find some very popular artists using Cubase? Kinda like the ones EVERYBODY knows? ProTools has a million!

Have I read that Paul McCartney uses Cubase in his home studio?

Who gives a rat’s a55? Is it going to make your music sound better because someone famous uses the software? Is it going to make you feel superior? :unamused:

Well…surely not as superior as you felt after making that post. :laughing:

I’ll say this - My old mixes -did- sound better after hearing that McCartney uses the software!
I’ve had the files retested and it’s a scientific certainty. End of story.
Whatever they’re paying these artists for their endorsements - it’s money better spent than adding
the new features that we’re all clamoring for. :sunglasses:

I’ll get me coat.

Hi Nate :wave:

Not for us, genius. It’s for those who don’t know much of anything about professional recording softwares and can say, “Hey, so and so uses this. Maybe my noise would sound as good as his music!” After all, look what became of ProTools, the “industry standard software.” :unamused:

The perception from endorsements is a powerful tool for marketing …

Well, knowing Paul McCartney uses Cubase doesn’t help Stone Hill to sell me more stuff - I’ve invested too much time and too many brain cells in Cubase from VST32 to the current incarnation to change to another platform, even if he did. But it does make me smile to think one of my musical heroes is probably doing the exact same thing I am (cursing the comping in 6.05 :laughing: :laughing: ).


Shall Oh-Al

He has “people” for that! :smiley:

Four tracks, actually :smiley: .

Though, word is finally leaking out that Sgt. Pepper wasn’t recorded on a 4-trk machine as legend has had it for decades. It was actually recorded on TWO … washing machines!! :laughing: :laughing: