More features wanted for VariAudio

Hi there,
What if we could add vibratos in VariAudio?
Some could say that “You can do that with plugins”. Yes, but I don’t mean that.
I am giving developers a good suggestion. For example, after setting the correct pitch, all done, then wanted to add some vibrato like in the Jazz, Blues or maqam vocals. It would be far better and easier to do only with VariAudio. Far from these, I am sharing an example of a Turkish rapper that I mean by saying “adding vibratos”. Its vibrato vocals sound like gypsy. Some are fast vibratos while some are slow.

But if the singer can’t deliver those… I’ve never had a problem with variaudio and vibratos, just a matter of editing the segments and applying different processing to each. But I agree we could have a more “intelligent “ variaudio in recognizing vibrato, and sort of adapting pitch correction to vibrato segments.

Yeah, more detailed and intelligent so that we don’t need any extra plugin.
I mean when the user flatten the note of the voice there can be a vibrato setting in the segment like pulling up and down to set the depth of vibrato. And also we should choose any part of the segment to decide to edit whatever we want. Not from the beginning or the ending of the segment but wherever we want.
I think these are good suggestions for new VariAudio to be developed.