More features

I would be very handy If I could start VST live and have the option of importing a project from Cubase without having to create a new project, then importing the file.
Also if I’ve made any midi transformations in Cubase those would also be in VST Live.

Hi, just for a quick tip: did u find the ability import “song” to the current/opened VSTLive project without the need of creating new VSTLive project? Once, at the beginning I missed the option, so it created a brand new VSTLive project also with the import song procedure

Thanks for the reply
Yes I have imported a song to the current open project.
I’d like to ability not to have to create a new project to import the file from Cubase.
When Cubase is first opened I have the option to select cancel then import a midi file instead of having to creat a project.
Something like that.
Thanks again.

That is a contradiction.
You don‘t need to create a new project. In the import dialog in VST Live, there is an option to import as a Song, which does not create a new VST Live project.
Maybe the term „project“ is confusing; a VST Live Song is like a Cubase project (the tracks part of it), a VST Live project consists of an arbitrary number of Songs.

Well, thank you very much.
Now I understand and thanks again!