More Focus Quick Controls please

Each channel and CC is unique, so MIDI Ch1 and CC70 would be seen different to MIDI Ch2 and CC70 in the MIDI Remote. However…

You’re maybe approaching this the wrong way, I would use only 1 custom mode and then create different mapping pages within the Cubase MIDI remote for the tasks you need. i.e. let Cubase do all the work, and it’s easier to view what you’re controlling on-screen then.

You can map buttons for next or prev mapping page, or you can swap pages using your mouse.
i.e. instead of custom modes for mixer page, eq page, quick control page, you’d have MIDI Remote pages for those items and a fixed controller assignments which change dynamically via Cubase’s control scheme.

As above the MIDI fighter twister are great controllers, robust and pack a lot of control in a compact unit. You can get many smaller controllers but they lack the quality of something like that.

You can get display feedback on your Launchkey via the API, but it would only show you what parameter is being controlled as you’re changing the control due to the screensize. , You’d be looking at something based on MCU, like the Behringer x-touch universal if you want to see parameters available.

But there are custom controllers out there which have embedded screens too. But they get pricey, I saw one over the REAPER forum once:

Nice bit of kit, in fact it’d probably work great with the Cubase MIDI Remote if someone spent the hours developing it via the API… But $1000… Nah! :slight_smile:

Komplete Kontrol (S49/S61/S88 Mk2) keyboards have a large display but only 8 rotaries, i’ve got screen feedback running on those before with different mapping pages, but I need to redo the script as it’s pretty buggy, and user can’t add new mapping pages themselves… Example here:

I’d keep things simple right now, personally. It’s a hell of a rabbits hole to fall down once you start lusting at gear thinking it’s going to improve what you do - most of the time, it doesn’t… It just leads to procrastination.

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