More free time evaporates

The hour I had to go and do some music stuff is gone. Three reboots, and mostly staring at:

Has Dorico ever been a stable product?

It has for me.


Mark me down as jealous.

Did you try to end those two tasks, then start Dorico?
This often happens when you restart Dorico quickly because the AE needs about ten seconds to close properly.
To be sure you can add the diagnostics.

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Have you tried to force stop the two processes, no computer restart, and then try again?
Another option would be to reinstall Dorico (which on Windows requires to uninstall it first, then reboot the machine).
Dorico is a very stable program so there must be something else going on.

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Dorico will never load if there is already a running VSTAudioEngine process.

Hi @matt.whitby ,

if you want to help making Dorico more stable, then please follow the advice as I gave in this thread. I’d like to see mini dumps from both, Dorico and the VSTAudioEngine while in that funny state. A diagnostic report could also be useful, but only after killing both processes and restarting Dorico. Thanks a lot

Sure. I’ll try and do it tomorrow. As of this evening.


Here’s the dump file.

Another day tried, another weekend gone and no music written.

This is definitely worth paying attention to. Pause a bit after you save Dorico to let it finish all it’s save tasks.

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A thousand times.

Hi @matt.whitby , maybe check your spam folder or Gmail account, please, because I could not download from your gdrive.
And yes, I do try to help you as much as I can but also need your support. Thanks

Try now.