More help in zoom in

I like to work in Zoom in with just a few staves showing, and it helps to be in Galley view, because I get the instrument references on the screen, and you don’t with the other option.

But it would be nice to have some additional information options. Like a marker where the last bar that has notes in it is. Perhaps a small floating info box that you can add to screen with an option to turn on or off.

-Such info as the last bar and instrument containing notes. If I don’t remember, I have to zoom out to look. (or on the Ipad version, the screen goes flying in all directions sometimes, when I flick it)

  • and if it’s not asking too much, a hot link to each instrument. Click on link and it jumps to that instrument on the same bar whether it’s up or down.

Maybe other people have some things they’d also like to be able to see or know while they’re zoomed in.

There may be better ways to do this, but just suggesting making it possible stay zoomed in while working