More Hitpoint problems

OK, I’m totally confused here. In 6.03 32 bit, I open the sample editor and on the left is Definition menu,
Variaudio menu, Hitpoint, Process, etc. Good. 64 bit on the same computer the Hitpoint menu is missing.
I did a reinsatall of the 64 bit from the DVD still nothing in 64 bit ver. So, I can’t edit the hitpoints, set the threshold, etc. I’m using the 32 bit for now but would like to resolve the issue.

Hmm. Guess that might be down to the old Trash the Cubase preferences.

Goto: Start button (bottom left). All Programs. Cubase 64. Cubase Application Data Folder and trash everything.
If no improvement go to the trashcan and put it all back. But Cubase does rebuild it again anyway.

Yep it was time to trash the App Data. I had to do that a while back when Logical Editor Disappeared…