more info about BitCrusher? how to get that vowel sound?

Hello once again!

I am curious about BitCrusher plugin that comes with Cubase 6. The manual does provide some insight but the plugin and the manual seem to focus more on being very precise.
What I’m trying to do is “recreate” the vowel sound that appears in stuff like dubstep but I’m not sure this bitcrusher is exactly the type I need.

Can anyone be a bit more technical on the BitCrushier plugin included in Cubase 6?
Any suggestions on any other bit crusher that could be used to make that vowel sound I mentioned?

Thank you!

You can use formant filters. Something like this VST plugin. You can also try to use a talkbox.
Combine it with a bitcrusher and/or fine-tuned multiband distortion to get it really screaming.

(Remember that this is only to learn how to get started, try to create your OWN sound using any synths/effects. Be creative! Use multiple layers to make it more complex and interesting)

Thank tou msy! =D
I will try it out! =)

How about any info regarding any other, creatively useful, VST bitcrushers?

I hear the one in logic is supposed to be very good but I have no way of verifying that comment. How would that bitcrusher compair to the one in cubase? I am actually interested in the technical aspects of this. =D