More insert Channels

WHen is this ever going to actually happen ? I am tired of daisy chaining channels just to get more slots. On the Stereo bus in particular that needs more inserts .

This has been a thing forever as far as I know, surely it’s a feature request that’s been made so often, so surely it’s time it happened ?

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If 16 insert slots are not enough, you are doing something wrong.
And you can buy a chainer plugin.


It has already happened, couple of years ago (C10? Don’t remember) the number of inserts got doubled, from 8 to 16, and yes, that was a long running feature request, but after that, tbh I haven’t seen many requests for even more insert slots, people seem to be happy with that.
Would be interesting to know your use case for so many inserts, tbh I cannot really imagine a scenario where 16 plugins in a row would improve the sound.

I think you might add the group channel track and route it from the original track.

I love these kind of replies, such ignorance.

It’s 14 pre and 2 post.

Just because YOU don’t use 14 inserts everyone else is wrong. lol

Mastering ? I have many different meters I use too. Not all there for effect.

Yeah that’s what I do, mixing down can be a pain, if you forget to route to an Aux Bus, but mastering it’s easy enough, i’d just like 20 Pre and 4 Post tbh.

Control Room?

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Or Supervision

Control Room with Supervision.

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The Control Room. I Don’t use it, don’t want to use it. Supervision I am not keen on , I prefer to stick to various other meters that i’ve learned to trust over the years. Although I just purchased SPL Hawkeye which may solve that.

If not more inserts, then on the Stereo Bus i’d like the option to right click → and add another channel which becomes the main Stereo Bus. Obviously if I route to a group then the Stereo Bus this all doesn’t matter but sometimes I cannot predict how things will go and I may run over 14 inserts.

I would really suggest you to give Control room a chance. It is really great imho, you can load your monitoring plugins in there and have them available in any project you load.
Especially if tbh I don’t believe you can expect more insert slots in the foreseeable future, a little search here shows that after the extension to 16 slots, any requests for more haven’t gained much traction. Most people don’t seem to need it.


Plus, there’s another possibility depending on how each one works. Ok, if we want to do all processing on a single project, someone might run out of insert slots under special circumstances. Using Control room for metering purposes could alleviate that.

But if someone uses a new project to handle the single file mixdown, one can use DOP for static plug-in settings, and 16 automatable plug-ins in a very sparse project. You can even create 4-5 groups to daisy-chain together just for automatable inserts, and it would still be easy on the eyes.